• These casings can be used to make either fresh, smoked or cured sausages. We use these to make snack sticks and love them! They hold approximately 7 lbs of meat per strand, and each package comes with two strands, for a total of 14lbs of deliciousness! They also give meat a nice deep pink color whether you like to use nitrates to cure your meat or not.

    Depending on how the casings are cooked, they can have a pleasant snap or a softer, chewier texture. When freshly cooked, they are more likely to have that snap but over the course of time they tend to re-hydrate and soften for a chewier texture. The casings are also easy to remove after cooking if that is preferred.

    These beef protein casings are sold on Amazon in two sizes: 17mm or 19mm. For the 17mm casing, a stuffer tube of no more than 3/8″ outer diameter is ideal, while the 19mm casing can accommodate a stuffer tube with an outer diameter of 7/16″. Both of these sizes are great for uniformly sized snack sticks to either enjoy yourself or to give away as presents, most of our friends and family can’t wait to get some when we make some of our Roo or other meat snack sticks.

    Whatever size you prefer, many people have found that using LEM Products Smoked Mahogany Edible Collagen Casings causes less breakages than using natural hog or sheep casings. However, it is important to note that the casings can be slightly inflexible immediately after being stuffed. If you would like to link them or tie them off, it is recommended that you let the stuffed casings sit for 15 minutes or so. This allows them to absorb moisture from the meat and become much more pliable. Don’t forget to twist your links in alternating directions or tie them to keep them from unraveling the previous links!

    When trying to achieve top quality sausages, pepperoni or stack sticks, these LEM Products Smoked Mahogany Edible Collagen Casings can help get the job done with minimal fuss and maximum tastiness.